Let Your Light Shine

A Radiance That Cannot Be Hidden

Lay It to Heart

10,000th Reason to Bless God


You don't read God's word and point finger to others. You read His word and you examine yourself. By that you will know that you were truly led by the Holy Spirit because He will lead you in the right... Continue Reading →

Never Alone

Groping in the dark There is no one to be found Alone and lost No one to call for help Then in the mundane I heard a voice Calling out my name That gentle voice Bids me to come He... Continue Reading →

"I loathe the idea that I sin because it's the very thing that nailed Jesus to the cross." ej❤️

A Heart Owned by Jesus

The story was about a girl who had a severe heart problem that only a heart transplant could save her. However, the transplant was so expensive that she could never afford it and no heart would be too strong to... Continue Reading →

"God commands us to be content with everything, except for one thing, our relationship with Him. Thirst for more, hunger for more, want for more, desire for more...more of Jesus!" ej❤️


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